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Empower your Business Ideas with the most relevant Market Information and powerful Technology Platforms

Get it right from the beginning and save your valuable resources !! From making strategic decisions to developing your capabilities, Trouver Trade is here to help. With our profound expertise in market research, business intelligence, product management and technology development, you will receive real solutions to understand your customers, expand your business, boost your revenue and beat the competition. Get in touch to book a meeting.


Shopping Mall

Trouver Trade Marketplace (TTM) is an online advertising platform that is in the business of providing real-time discovery of offers and products from hyper-local retail stores to users at their fingertips based on their geo-location. It will be the first app in the retail industry that allows buyers to access organized information about all the accessible retail outlets in every category and contact them directly from their homes. It will also be the first app where sellers have the power to send updates about products and offers instantly to a vast user base via a single platform. In a way, unlike the e-commerce platforms, Trouver Trade Marketplace provides equal power to buyers and sellers alike.


Photo Studio


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